Hosting Services

1.1.      Storage.  FoundationCCC shall provide for hosting CCPS and the User Data and provide as many megabytes of storage space as is necessary in order to host and otherwise make it accessible on demand by users (“Users”).

1.2.      Data Backup.  FoundationCCC shall maintain regularly scheduled backups of CCPS and User Data on a backup cloud server which shall be used in the event of server crashes, power outages, maintenance, service, or improvements. FoundationCCC, may, at its own discretion, temporarily suspend the operation of CCPS for the purpose of repair, maintenance, or improvement of any of the systems. However, FoundationCCC shall provide not less than 48 hours prior notice where it is reasonably practical under the circumstances and FoundationCCC shall restore services as soon as reasonably practical.

1.3.      Security/Privacy.  FoundationCCC will (i) maintain reasonable administrative, physical, and technical safeguards for protection, security, confidentiality, and integrity of the User Data, including but not limited to, measures for preventing access, use, modification of disclosure of the User Data by FoundationCCC personnel except (a) to provide the FoundationCCC Services or address technical problems; (b) as compelled by law; or (c) as Site and/or User expressly permits in writing.

1.4.      Monitoring & Updates.  FoundationCCC shall monitor CCPS using commercially reasonable efforts to cause CCPS to be maintained in good working order. FoundationCCC shall supply the necessary software to directly update or modify CCPS. FoundationCCC shall use commercially reasonable efforts to provide and maintain all software, including but not limited to, server software, telecommunications software, security software and other software that is necessary to operate and maintain CCPS. 

1.5.      Site Usage Information and Access.  FoundationCCC shall manage the recordation of and at Site request will provide information reflecting access and usage of their instance of CCPS consistent with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Site shall have administrative level access to CCPS and all User Data. 

Setup Services

2.1       Implementation. FoundationCCC shall design, create, and host a CCPS instance for Site that will allow use of the Services as outlined in this Agreement. Implementation and training typically are completed within three-four months of contract execution.

2.2       Training. FoundationCCC shall provide onboarding and training of hospital and school coordinators, as well as onboarding and training for Site on use of CCPS. Training materials and delivery will be provided by FoundationCCC and included in the Setup Fee. This training will include training Site and Authorized Users on the online administration of CCPS, its users, and their unique usernames, user passwords, and other identifiers.