Advancing Patient-Centered Care by Cultivating a Skilled Workforce

CCPS offers a collaborative approach to clinical placement and compliance tracking.


CCPS provides a collaborative process that is efficient and effective.

Hospitals and Clinics

  • Streamlined processes
  • Detailed reporting
  • View availabilities and placements
  • Monitor placement trends
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  • Identify clinical availabilities
  • Increased placements
  • Compliance tracking
  • Share student rosters
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  • Experience preparation
  • Requirements tracking
  • Rotation history access
  • Document repository
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The Impact

What statistics and testimonials say about CCPS

CCPS has facilitated over 1.5 million clinical experiences for nursing and allied health students.

Annual Statistics

Providers and Schools
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Clinical Experiences
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"CCPS is easy to navigate and the online tool works well in a range of clinical settings. Using CCPS allows our partners to focus more time developing strong relationships to ensure sustainable access to clinical education opportunities for our students."
Liane T. Muraoka
Program Lead, Hawai’i State Center for Nursing
"In the innovative spirit of Californians, we were fortunate to work with the Foundation to create CCPS to facilitate and support the significant expansion of nursing programs to solve the shortfall problem we are facing in California."
Garrett K. Chan
President and CEO, HealthImpact, the California Nursing Workforce Center


With critical support in place, developing a competent and compliant workforce becomes efficient and timely.

Customized to Your Organization

Specify the type of clinical placements, affiliated partners, and availability to meet regional organization or health system.

Community-Driven Enhancements

User-informed quarterly releases to continuously add new features, and expand the capabilities of CCPS.

Secure and Web-Based

Our cloud-based system allows for scalability and security, and gives you access to your data from any device, any time.

Regional View of Placement Data

A regional focus on the expansion of healthcare education programs to support identifying untapped clinical opportunities.

Setup, Training, and Support

Implementation planning, support, and training are available to assist new regions and users.

Nationwide Community of Users

CCPS has been used by more than 500 schools, hospitals, and healthcare systems nationwide since 2004.

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